Ornamental Face 2

Tom Krepcio Stained Glass

Initial Sketchbook Drawing

I did not color the sketch because so much of the color scheme,
the 'ornamental part', is intended to be worked out improvisationally.
Deciding the color for the rest has to wait until the patchwork section is done, but the general idea is to make the ornamental face very colorful and then key down the rest of the color.

Ornamental Face 2

Works in Progress

Current Version

5.5" x 8.5"

conceived as
etched and engraved flashed glass,
painted glass,
copper foil and
lead came construction

First look with strips of engraved glass in place.
No pattern will be used for this area.


looking (perhaps) for a little more variety and contrast in the types of ornamentation in the strips...


trimming and still deciding and changing specific strips...


some of the surrounding non-patchwork pieces are cut


Pieces to be painted... painted.


Cut pieces foiled


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